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Graphs and Charts for the Java platform
18 Types of charts to be used as applet, servlet or bean.
Barcodes for the Java platform
1D and 2D barcoding applets, servlet and classes
XSL-FO Editor for Oracle APEX
Visual Designer for creating APEX custom reports.
RBarcode Vision
Barcodes software reader and scanner for Datamatrix, QRCode , Aztec code and more.


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   Jikes 1.18  [Homepage]

Jikes [TM] is a high performance and open source java compiler.

Price: IBM's Public License - Added: 2003-03-14 - Hits: 281

   Excelsior JET 3.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

A combination of two Java to native code compilers - optimising ahead-of-time and caching JIT. Produces conventional Windows EXEs, DLLs callable from C/C++/Delphi/VB6/VBA, and NT Services. 60-days evaluation, Personal Edition free for private, non-commercial use.

Price: 200+ - Added: 2003-03-20 - Hits: 725

   NativeJ 2.0.2  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

NativeJ generates Win32 native EXE launchers for your Java applications. No more ugly batch files! The launchers generated by NativeJ look and behave exactly like native Win32 programs. They possess their own custom icons when viewed in Explorer, and they do not appear as another java.exe or javaw.exe in the process list. You can generate launchers that behave like console programs, or graphical programs, or even Win32 services.

Price: 39.95 - Added: 2003-03-24 - Hits: 1052


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