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   3D DIGITAL CLOCK jdk 1.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

Digital clock in pseudo-3D drawn from scratch using grass-roots AWT methods.

Price: free for personal use - Added: 2003-04-15 - Hits: 1036

   Digital Clock  [Homepage] [Demo]

This digital clock displays the local time in 24-hour format. Hours, minutes and seconds are displayed as 7-segment BCD-LED digits with segments tapered at both ends

Price: free - Added: 2003-02-21 - Hits: 663

   aCaldate 2.50  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

tCalDate is a little Calendar Applet. Its very small size allows an easy use (6 or 12.1 Ko). tCalDate runs on all browsers with JDK 1.02 support. tCaldate support LiveConnect technology for JavaScript applet communication.

Price: 65 - Added: 2003-03-15 - Hits: 657

   JADC - Java Advanced Digital Clock 1.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

Java Advanced Digital Clock (JADC) is both a digital clock and a time counter (countdown or countup display, to or from a particular time). JADC is browser-independent and highly-configurable Java applet, it could be easily customized with your own graphics and time format to achieve an unlimited variety of appearances and behaviors. This distribution include 255 images (17 different sets of digits).

Price: free demo / 15 Euro - Added: 2003-03-26 - Hits: 995

   PlexGlobelet 5.3  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

PlexGlobelet is a World Clock Java Applet with all time-zones in the world and day-light-savings. Major features of PlexGlobelet includes: It comes with the database of over 2000 cities. In addition, user can ask for a customed version that comes with over 12000 cities of the world. The database includes city, state, time-zone, latitude, longitude, flags, currency and other information. It supports all time-zones in the world with day-light-savings. Users can choose any number of cities.

Price: 79.95 - Added: 2003-03-27 - Hits: 812

   World Clock 1.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

World Clock is java applet that show real time including daylight savings time in 40 major cities in all the world.

Price: Free with statusbar message - Added: 2003-05-04 - Hits: 648

   Zmei Digital Clock 1.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

Zmei Digital Clock is java applet clock with original design

Price: Free with statusbar message - Added: 2003-05-04 - Hits: 621


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