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Graphs and Charts for the Java platform
18 Types of charts to be used as applet, servlet or bean.
Barcodes for the Java platform
1D and 2D barcoding applets, servlet and classes
XSL-FO Editor for Oracle APEX
Visual Designer for creating APEX custom reports.
RBarcode Vision
Barcodes software reader and scanner for Datamatrix, QRCode , Aztec code and more.


Java software Repository : API's, beans and classes : XML
   Apache XML Project  [Homepage]

Open source commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions . Includes among others XML parsers, Style Sheets processors, web publishing.

Price: Free - Added: 2003-02-25 - Hits: 231

   XNam 1.0.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

XNam is a service provider for the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI). XNam provides Java applications with a naming service that reads its information from XML files and is accessible through the JNDI interface.

Price: Free for non-commercial use - Added: 2003-04-22 - Hits: 683

   XAmple - XML Editor of a new kind 1.0  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

Java Swing XML editor component analyzes XML Schema and uses it to generate document-specific GUI. Unlike other XML editors, this one exposes not just a tree representation of the XML document but rather a logical combination of the XML document and respective XML Schema. To be able to prepare valid XML documents of significant complexity, a user is not required to be familiar with XML and DTD/XML Schema languages and to have any a-priori knowledge about the documents structural requirements.

Price: beta evaluation - Added: 2003-05-18 - Hits: 758


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