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Graphs and Charts for the Java platform
18 Types of charts to be used as applet, servlet or bean.
Barcodes for the Java platform
1D and 2D barcoding applets, servlet and classes
XSL-FO Editor for Oracle APEX
Visual Designer for creating APEX custom reports.
RBarcode Vision
Barcodes software reader and scanner for Datamatrix, QRCode , Aztec code and more.


   Eclipse plugin eva/3 Application Builder for visual development and database management 1.2.18  [Homepage] [Download] [Demo]

eva/3 Application Builder is implemented on top of XML and is integrated into the eclipse development enivronment as a plug-in. eva/3 assumes responsibility for the design of Swing components over an integrated GUI Builder, the execution of procedures and the handling of diverse relational SQL db over JDBC interfaces, e.g. Sybase SQL Anywhere, Microsoft SQLServer 2000, MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, Parkway Microfocus, HSQLDB, PostgreSQL, JDataStore. DB export and import functions are also available.

Price: free for non comercial use - Added: 2004-06-17 - Hits: 464